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Advanced Spine Care & Wellness

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Not sure what you need regarding vitamins and supplements?  

Schedule an appointment with us for a nutritional consultation.  We will evaluate your health situation and make appropriate recommendations based on clinical findings.  In some cases we may order bloodwork or other testing for proper diagnosis and evaluation so we know your eating habits, vitamins, herbs, or supplements are yielding positive clinical results.  The only way to know for sure is with objective evidence.  Recent Studies show that you can't simply trust the label anymore! 

With over 10 years of experience, we are confident we have the tools to help you

Do You Have A Custom Wellness Program Or Do You Just Take Vitamins?


Diagnostic Testing & Nutritional Protocols Available!

Functional medicine is a smart way to improve your health

         Not only will we help you feel physically better, we also offer advanced recommendations on nutrition for the maintenance of health and wellness.  Did you know that chronic inflammation is a key link related to various diseases?  Did you know that dietary modifications may help reduce soreness and inflammation?

         Your initial assessment includes a health history, consultation, examination, and assessment of your overall health.  This may be covered by your health insurance.   By the end you will know if your case is a good fit for our work, how long we suspect it will take to reach your goals, and our initial thoughts about further laboratory assessment if necessary, and also costs associated with reaching those goals.

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