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Advanced Spine Care & Wellness

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Here at Advanced Spine Care & Wellness you receive quality short-term care for lasting results.  

  • Mechanical non-complicated back pain & neck pain

  • Headaches (Tension & Migraines)

  • Shoulder pain & tendonitis

  • Disc problems & sciatica

  • Hip pain & tendonitis

  • Muscle spasms

  • Auto accident injuries

  • Workers Comp

Common Conditions Treated:

The Chiropractic profession is unique in that no two Chiropractors may practice exactly alike. The focus of Dr Jason Drivere is to be an evidence-based spine specialist with a focus in treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  Dr Drivere utilizes the ability to order diagnostic testing including X-rays, MRI, and blood labs only when necessary to arrive at a clinical diagnosis for your condition.    


Our goals are to treat the structural cause of your pain so you your body can move better with less pain and discomfort.  This is called functional restoration.

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Auto Accident Injuries Also Accepted




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What is Chiropractic?   Check out the video below to find out if conservative chiropractic care is right for you!